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Let’s go to Davos!

Allright people it is time to set our sights on Davos!! Click the link below for the bergfex report on the good skiing we look forward to in January there.

More big snow for the Alps!

As evidenced here in the forecast for Chamonix, this is a season to ski in the Alps.  We have four trips scheduled beginning this January in the Austrian Arlberg.  Kayak travel searches are turning up fantastic prices to fly over there.  Munich, Geneva and Zurich all make great connections.  Lets go get this snow!  The shot here is Danne skiing outside Telluride today, good skiing but we are on the wrong continent right now for sure. Check out this exciting forecast for Chamonix.  It is all set over there.,11,fr.html

Hooked up!

Looks like things have come together in the Alps.  This link from the SLF, the Swiss national avalanche forecast shows the percent of snowpack compared to average.  In some places near the Southwest corner of the country as well as Berner Oberland the numbers are shocking, Like 450 to almost 500 percent of average!  The facebook page has some good shots showing that the fun has certainly begun.
Alpenglow Ski Safaris shared a link.
O.K., this map of Switzerland is showing the percent of snowpack relative to average, maybe time to start cruising kayak ’cause the forecast is calling for more!

Ramping UP!

Step 4 avalanche danger across the Swiss Rhone valley!  This is a very big storm and boy are we glad we have a full schedule of trips this season.  Not at all too late to join our Arlberg trip this January, not to mention the Stuben-Ischgl in March.  Still space open on our Val d’ Isere trip in April, of course.  First things first though, check out the snow!

John Buzza, last season high above La Grave. Smile, smile, smile.

95% of the people are skiing on 5% of the Terrain.

Be the 5% skiing on the rest of the terrain!  With Alpenglow you can be  the 5% percent of skiers skiing on the other 95% of the terrain.  The difference is everything!  We should point out that Tignes, France has one of the highest proportions of on-piste terrain.   The all important point is that if you come on a ski trip with us, we will take you to the very best snow out there.  This is invariably off the  ‘piste’ .  If you want to add great skiing to all the other reasons to holiday in the alps, lets do the deal!

Wayno’s Masterpiece?

Our good friend Wayne has created an absolutely captivating work of art.  A masterpiece?  Well so far.  So keep up the good work and we will turn skis together in the alps.   Sooner than later we hope!

A link to Les Arcs.

Staffan skis in the sun in France!  The snow in Les Arcs, one of the many giant ski areas we will visit this April is suberb.  Coverage is so good, there is near 300cm of snow up top.  That is ten feet to you and me!  Please inquire about our trip this April, it is going to be all time great.

Snow and Sun in St. Anton.

A couple of initial shots here.  First Sarah finds the soft stuff off the Maroikopf summit, then of Joey Klein speeding through the good snow in the Grosses Steirloch last week.  Look for a bunch more photos and some great links to things we did in the Arlberg!

Danne and friends get the Utah powder!

Judy Fajita, as solid as ever, rocking it in Alta!

Norm and Judy with the smiles the reserve for the very happiest times; powder days!

This is Norm going ahead and getting some.  Thanks to Daniel for the shots and nice job in Alta!

No One Does What We Do!

We really can not put it any more simply than that.  Our collective experience led us to start this company and it is this experience that allows us to create and deliver the Alpenglow ski safaris adventure.   In this photo Jan and Pat Deckle as well as Norm and Judy Fajita can be seen living it up in the Arlberg.  These couples have been on about 8 alpenglow trips between them alone!  Also in the photo here are Peter Walker and Julie Scheonfeld.  All smiles in the Alps!  This photo was taken after leaving the Rendl area above St. Anton, skiing about 700 ft vertical and then a gradual rising traverse to the pass.   This set us up for the 6 or 7 mile run down the valley which ends up two villages below St. Anton.  Catch the bus back and you are ready to ski the afternoon runs that could be in any number of places around the ski area.  Thats where we as guides can really shine.  So many lifts, so many runs; so many choices!  There are over 80 lifts in the Arlberg system so it pays to know where you are going and why!  Call us today for more information or to get some direct feedback people who have been on our tours.